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AMICE Press release | Insurance Social Partners sign Joint Declaration on artificial intelligence16.03.2021 EN
AMICE Press release | Solvency II Review 2020 - EIOPA advice to European Commission could go further to progress Solvency II evolution 17.12.2020 EN
AMICE Press release | AMICE announces new Board member08.09.2020 EN
AMICE Press release | AMICE members' COVID19 responses reflected in European Commission best practices document14.07.2020 EN

AMICE-ICMIF Press release | European mutual and cooperative insurers strengthened market share through stable and secure business model


AMICE Press release | Mutual connections for European insurers to be reinforced in Stockholm

11.04.2018DE   EN   ES   FR  

AMICE Press Release | Sustainable finance – a natural model for mutual insurers


ICMIF-AMICE Press Release | Global regulators recognise the value of mutual and cooperative insurers


Joint Press release | Services E-Card:Commission’s ill-conceived e-card threatens certain services sectors


AMICE Press Release | Co-operatives ensure no one is left behind


AMICE Press release | AMICE welcomes European Commission proposals on Pan-European Personal Pension product


AMICE Press release | Record premiums written by European mutuals in 2015

ICODA UAAM-VVOV AMICE Press release | European Mutual Award 2018
07.12.2016 DE   EN   ES   FR  
Digitalisation raises challenges but it also creates opportunities 12.10.2016 DE  ES   FR  

AMICE commends the Swiss Re sigma report findings on a resurgence of the mutual and cooperative insurance sector in Europe

Statement on UK referendum on EU membership24.06.2016 

AMICE strengthens voice of European mutual and cooperative insurance sector

07.06.2016 DE   EN   ES   FR  
AMICE elects new President02.06.2016 DE   EN   ES   FR 
AMICE new Secretary General 26.05.2016 DE  ES  FR

Innovative measures in
insurance to tackle demographic challenge

12.05.2016DE   ES   FR  

AMICE raises alert on reliance on credit rating agencies

29.03.2016 DE   ES   FR 

AMICE Congress 2016 Belgian Mutual Insurance Award

26.01.2016DE   ES   FR
AMICE Solvency II Seminar - Solvency II, Implementation and beyond05.11.2015DE   ES   FR

EIOPA Reporting Package


DE   ES   FR

Breakfast discussion in the European Parliament - Presentation of the European Mutual Insurance Manifesto


DE   ES   FR 

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